Meet Timothy

Timothy Campanale

Contracts Manager

Timothy Campanale’s professional journey launched with Campanale around the age of 13 when he began taking on various office tasks and on-site labour during summers. This early exposure laid the foundation for his career, and he later transitioned into working full-time at the office in 2017.

In his current role, Timothy is responsible for overseeing various crucial aspects of projects, including coordinating consultants, managing construction budgets, creating scopes of work, tendering projects to contractors, and overseeing contracts throughout the construction phase. As an accredited Energy Modeller with the Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET), Timothy brings a deep understanding of energy efficiency to his work. He engages in public and industry consultations, contributing to the evolution of building codes, municipal guidelines, and national energy efficiency programs. Timothy is also actively involved in industry organizations such as the Builder Trade Council and GOHBA, where he serves as the chair and a board member.

Timothy’s negotiation skills and profound knowledge of architectural and building practices distinguish him in his role at Campanale. His expertise in energy efficiency allows him to provide valuable insights that contribute to sustainable housing solutions. He consistently strives to achieve the best prices without compromising the high standards of quality Campanale is known for.

Driven by a strong sense of family legacy, Timothy is committed to building upon the success of previous generations. He is determined to create a brighter future for the generations to come, ensuring that they have even more opportunities than before.
Timothy’s focus on building strong relationships with tradespeople fosters an environment of collaboration and mutual respect. He is known for his sociable nature, effective negotiation skills, willingness to understand complex matters, and his outgoing personality.

At Campanale, Timothy contributes to solving the “housing problem” by providing sustainable housing solutions that encompass energy efficiency, comfort, and durability. He addresses construction-related challenges to ensure that clients receive the best possible housing at an affordable price. His decisions contribute to creating homes that are aesthetically pleasing and built with structural integrity and energy-conscious design.

Away from work, Timothy is an avid small and big game hunter and fisherman, finding enjoyment in bass fishing at the cottage and salmon fishing on Lake Ontario. Nature is a key part of his life, driving him to spend time cottaging, camping, and golfing. His two dogs, Solei and Remi, are cherished companions that add joy to his life.