Meet Santana

Santana Campanale

Director of Sales, Marketing & Commercial Leasing

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the industry, Santana Campanale is a seasoned professional who excels in driving sales and marketing strategies to new heights. Her passion for forging connections and her commitment to making a meaningful impact on her community have been the driving forces behind her successful journey.

Santana’s professional background is distinguished by a series of certifications that underscore her expertise. Certified in Net Zero Sales, she brings a forward-thinking approach to the market, aligning her efforts with sustainability goals. She’s also certified in Leadership by Performance Management Consultants (PMC), enabling her to lead her team with finesse and mentorship. Her certification in Powerful Negotiation with PMC equips her with the tools to navigate the intricate landscape of deal-making.

Santana’s multifaceted role as director of sales, marketing, and commercial leasing involves her in the entire client journey, from lead generation for new home and commercial sales and leasing to nurturing prospects into loyal clients. Always attuned to customer needs, Santana tailors her interactions and property showings to align perfectly with her clients’ preferences. She also takes charge of liaising with legal and mortgage professionals and overseeing marketing campaigns with a strategic eye.

Santana’s value extends beyond her responsibilities; her deep sense of empathy, coupled with an insatiable curiosity, fosters a genuine understanding of her clients’ needs. This, combined with her exceptional problem-solving skills and unwavering determination, ensures that every challenge is an opportunity to excel.

With a knack for building strong relationships, Santana’s interpersonal skills shine. Her approachability and stellar negotiation and selling prowess consistently leaves a positive impression on her clients and colleagues. Always wearing a smile, she is known for her welcoming demeanor, open-mindedness, and eagerness to listen.

Santana’s expertise is underscored by exceptional communication, high emotional intelligence, critical thinking, inspiring leadership, and top-tier negotiation abilities. Her commitment to helping clients solve their problems is deeply rooted in her methodology: she asks the right questions, identifies core issues, and works tirelessly to find innovative solutions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Santana remains an active member of her community. She is a part of the Women’s Business Network (WBN) and plays an integral role in the WBN Mentorship Program, advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Her interests span from working out to indulging in books and podcasts and gardening.