Meet Mike

Mike Campanale

Construction Manager

Mike Campanale is a seasoned industry expert with an impressive 17-year tenure in the construction industry. His diverse professional background as a handyman and site foreman has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, from hands-on work to managerial responsibilities.

As construction manager, Mike oversees various aspects of project management, staff management, payroll approval, resolution of trade-related issues, covering site staff vacations, conducting site meetings, and ensuring site safety compliance. His dedication knows no bounds in maintaining the smooth operation of construction projects.

Mike’s extensive experience is deep-rooted in building knowledge and exceptional problem-solving skills. With a career driven by a genuine love for challenges, Mike’s enthusiasm for his work is paralleled only by his enjoyment of working alongside his family.
Colleagues and clients alike regard Mike as a hardworking and dependable professional. His consistent focus on quality workmanship has earned him a reputation as a reliable and diligent team member.

Among the top skills he brings to the table are his construction experience, problem-solving abilities, a knack for fixing things, site management capabilities, and scheduling expertise. Mike’s holistic skill set ensures that he can effectively contribute to every phase of a construction project.

When it comes to helping clients resolve their challenges, Mike actively listens and offers dedicated help. He takes the time to understand the unique problems faced by clients and is committed to providing the best possible solutions.
Outside of work, Mike finds solace in fishing, hunting, spending time at the cottage, cherishing family moments, and cooking up delicious meals.