Meet Jenna

Jenna Campanale

Director of Property Management

With an extensive background spanning nine years in property management, Jenna Campanale stands as a seasoned expert in the industry. Her journey began as a property manager, and her dedication and expertise led her to become a licensed condo manager, solidifying her reputation as a trusted professional.

As director of property management with Campanale, Jenna leverages her exceptional leadership skills to oversee the property management team and operations. She not only manages condominiums but also plays a pivotal role in the design and construction of rental developments, showcasing her diverse skill set and adaptability.

Jenna’s approach to her work is characterized by remarkable organizational skills and acute attention to detail. She excels in handling complex and challenging situations with a level-headed mind, a trait that instills confidence in her team and clients. Her leadership style is both inspirational and results-oriented, making her a driving force behind the success of her projects.

With a desire to achieve a sense of accomplishment, Jenna is motivated to continue the legacy of her family’s business while perpetually seeking opportunities for personal growth and learning. Jenna is certified in Powerful Negotiation Skills with Performance Management Consultants (PMC). She has successfully completed commercial leasing courses with the Real Estate Institute of Canada as well as construction and trades courses with George Brown College. Earning respect within her industry is another facet that propels her forward.

When asked about her top skills, Jenna highlights patience, organization, problem-solving, leadership, and time management as her key assets. These qualities enable her to manage properties effectively and provide innovative solutions to her client’s challenges.

Away from work, Jenna indulges in a variety of hobbies and interests, finding comfort and creativity in pottery, maintaining an active lifestyle through workouts and volleyball, and nurturing her imagination with a love for reading. Embracing the outdoors is an essential part of her life, allowing her to recharge and find inspiration beyond the confines of her professional realm.