CRESNET Welcomes Timothy Campanale as President

On behalf of all of us at Campanale, we want to extend our congratulations to our Contracts Manager, Timothy Campanale, who was recently awarded the title of President at CRESNET (Canadian Residential Energy Services Network). This role involves working with the Board of Directors to bring HERS Ratings to Canada by interactions with government and other energy efficient associations.

CRESNET is a non-profit organization which consists of a volunteer board of directors and is made up of energy raters, energy consultants, manufacturers, engineers, and designers. CRESNET provides training, certification, and auditing for residential energy performance in the Canadian housing sector and strives to improve energy efficient and sustainable construction in the Canadian housing market. CRESNET uses the RESNET standards of practice and technical specifications for rating and energy performance. Using a HERS rating, CRESNET is responsible for overseeing and auditing over 9,000 homes in last 5 years with over 6,000 of them being HERS 46 or better which is defined as being “Zero Energy Ready” defined by the American National Standards Association (ANSI).


Campanale commits to sustainability in multiple aspects throughout our projects – products both for sale and for rent. Campanale provides healthy, efficient, and comfortable living environments for our clients by including items like recycled wood structural insulated sheathing with no VOC’s, superior mechanical systems, better windows, and building envelope improvement focusing on air tightness. We are also dedicated to providing sustainable communities by including solar production, electric car chargers, and water savings features.


Campanale has recently partnered with D-Core Electric and Hypercharge to provide 6 new level 2 charging stations around Ottawa. In Callahan Estates and Longfields Station, The Urban Terraces, we have partnered with the Enbridge Savings by Design Program to provide all houses with a minimum of 15% better than the Ontario Building Code – we proudly continue this practice today on all our homes.


CRESNET continues to support Campanale by being a third party that ensures our energy rating and modelling is done properly by performing audits and by ensuring that we can continue to use the HERS rating system. They also provide the training for the modellers and raters, as well as provide training for air tightness testing to ensure all of the practices are done meticulously. They work to bring new HERS technologies and rating systems to Canada, for example the HERS H20 label which measures water consumption, and the HERS Carbon index which measures operational carbon in a home.


In 2023, Campanale was awarded with the Green Building of the Year award at the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association Housing Design Awards. This is a significant achievement for Campanale and demonstrates the effort we have put towards sustainability in our projects. We continuously strive to do better as a business from construction practices to customer experience. We are proud to be one of Ottawa’s energy efficient builders, and we hope that we are recognized as providing superior quality along with our strong commitment to sustainability.


Learn more about CRESNET, here.