The Visionary Series | Callahan Estates in Arnprior

The Visionary Series
 by Campanale Homes brings a modern twist to Callahan Estates.  Located in the quaint town of Arnprior, and just a short drive from Kanata, you can make your vision a reality. The Visionary Series has inventory bungalows and two-storeys on walk out lots with large basement windows & a patio door, allowing the potential for a second living space!

We have a great selection of BRAND NEW bungalows ready for Immediate Occupancy, featuring wonderful homes on walk-out pie lots, look-out lots, and regular lots!

All of these Inventory Single Homes Have a Double Car Garage! 

New Homes for Sale in Arnprior: Sales Centre Located at 2 Tom Gavinski Street



Teresa (Lot 40)50' x 100' Regular321,740SOLD
Lincoln (Lot 45)45' Walkout221,400SOLD
Galileo (Lot 46)45' Walkout221,287SOLD
Aristotle (Lot 47)45' Walkout221,275SOLD
Edison 2 (Lot 48)45' Walkout221,263SOLD
Aristotle (Lot 51)45' Walkout221,275SOLD
Edison (Lot 52)Walkout Lot221,263SOLD
Winfrey (Lot 54)40' Walkout221,317 $327,900
Mandela (Lot 55)40' Walkout221,313SOLD
Mandela (Lot 56)45' Walkout (Pie)221,313SOLD
Lincoln 2 (Lot 58)45' Walkout (Pie)321,400SOLD
Edison 2 (Lot 59)
45' Walkout (Pie)221,263SOLD
Lincoln (Lot 60)
50' x 100' Lookout221,400SOLD
Aristotle (Lot 61)
50' x 100' Lookout221,275$333,900
Warhol (Lot 62)50' x 100' Lookout221,287SOLD
Edison (Lot 64)50' x 100' Lookout221,263SOLD
Lincoln (Lot 65)50' x 100' Lookout221,400SOLD
Galileo (Lot 66)50' x 100' Lookout221,287SOLD
Edison 2 (Lot 68)50' x 100' Regular221,263SOLD
Lincoln 2 (Lot 69)65' x 100' Regular321,400SOLD
Galileo (Lot 84)40' Walkout (Pie)221,287SOLD

What Else is For Sale in Arnprior?

Callahan Estates Sales Centre
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Campanale was launched 37 years ago by founders and brothers - Rocco, Tony and Vince. From the outset our company was driven by a shared vision and desire to bring exceptional value and traditional craftsmanship to homes of varying sizes and styles.

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