The Trail Series | Callahan Estates in Arnprior

The Trail Series
 by Campanale Homes continues its successful introduction of affordable, contemporary homes to Arnprior.  Located in the community of Callahan Estates, just a short drive from Kanata, the new Trail Series is soon to be the Talk of the Town. Comprised of Attached Bungalows, Townhomes and Singles, the newest phase of well-appointed homes are bound to meet each new home buyers needs!

Please contact our Sales Consultant in Callahan Estates for more details, and be sure to join our Waiting List to stay up to date on the latest developments! 

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New Homes for sale in Arnprior: Sales Centre Located at 2 Tom Gavinski Street



The Legacy 1 (Lot 1012A)End Unit221,425$322,015
The Union 2 (Lot 1012B)Inside Unit221,225$286,815
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1012C)End Unit221,425SOLD
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1011A)End Unit221,425$322,015
The Union 2 (Lot 1011B)Inside Unit221,225$286,815
The Union 2 (Lot 1011C)Inside Unit221,225$286,815
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1011D)End Unit221,425$322,015
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1010A)End Unit221,425Reserved
The Union 2 (Lot 1010B)Inside Unit221,225$286,815
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1010C)End Unit221,425$322,015
The Union 1 (Lot 1046A)End Unit221,235$286,500*
The Union 2 (Lot 1046B)Inside Unit221,225$281,300*
The Legacy 2 (Lot 1046C)End Unit221,427$326,500*
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1047A)End Unit221,425$321,500*
The Union 2 (Lot 1047B)Inside Unit221,225$281,300*
The Union 2 (Lot 1047C)Inside Unit221,225$281,300*
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1047D)End Unit221,425$321,500*
The Legacy 2 (Lot 1048A)End Unit221,427MODEL
The Union 2 (Lot 1048B)Inside Unit221,225$282,860
The Union 1 (Lot 1048C)End Unit221,235$288,060
*Starting from


The Canyon (Lot 189A)Corner Unit32.51,528$281,100*
The Heritage 1 (Lot 189B)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 2 (Lot 189C)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 1 (Lot 189D)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 2 (Lot 189E)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 1 (Lot 189F)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Canyon (Lot 189G)End Unit32.51,528$281,100*
The Canyon (Lot 190A)End Unit32.51,528$281,100*
The Heritage 1 (Lot 190B)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 2 (Lot 190C)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 1 (Lot 190D)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 2 (Lot 190E)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Heritage 1 (Lot 190F)Inside Unit22.51,423$261,100*
The Canyon (Lot 190G)End Unit32.51,528$281,100*
The Canyon (Lot 191A)End Unit32.51,528$303,395
The Heritage 1 (Lot 191B)Inside Unit22.51,423284,890
The Heritage 2 (Lot 191C)Inside Unit22.51,423284,890
The Heritage 1 (Lot 191D)Inside Unit22.51,423284,890
The Heritage 2 (Lot 191E)Inside Unit22.51,423$284,890
The Heritage 1 (Lot 191F)Inside Unit22.51,423$284,890
The Canyon (Lot 191G)Corner Unit32.51,528$303,395
*Starting from

Announcing The Trail Series in Callahan Estates,
Brand New Attached Bungalows & Townhomes
built to the highest industry standards, and still affordable.

Please choose your type of model to find your Dream Home!

Attached Bungalows




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Campanale was launched 37 years ago by founders and brothers - Rocco, Tony and Vince. From the outset our company was driven by a shared vision and desire to bring exceptional value and traditional craftsmanship to homes of varying sizes and styles.

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