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The Trail Series
 by Campanale Homes continues its successful introduction of affordable, contemporary homes to Arnprior Ontario.  Located in the community of Callahan Estates, just a short drive from Kanata, the new Trail Series is soon to be the Talk of the Town. Comprised of Attached Bungalows and Townhomes, the newest phase of well-appointed homes are bound to meet each new home buyers needs! All our Trail Series homes are at least 10% above code which means you save on your energy bill and on your environmental foot print.

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The Legacy 1 (Lot 1010A)End Unit221,425$341,552
The Union 2 (Lot 1010B)Inside Unit221,225SOLD
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1010C)End Unit221,425SOLD
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1011A)End Unit221,425$322,015
The Union 2 (Lot 1011B)Inside Unit221,225$286,815
The Union 2 (Lot 1011C)Inside Unit221,225$286,815
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1011D)End Unit221,425$322,015
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1012A)End Unit221,425SOLD
The Union 2 (Lot 1012B)Inside Unit221,225$297,780
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1012C)End Unit221,425SOLD
The Union 1 (Lot 1046A) End Unit221,235 $316,700
The Union 2 (Lot 1046B)Inside Unit221,225$293,998
The Legacy 2 (Lot 1046C)Corner Unit221,427SOLD
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1047A)End Unit221,425$342,648
The Union 2 (Lot 1047B)Inside Unit221,225$295,250
The Union 2 (Lot 1047C)Inside Unit221,225$293,998
The Legacy 1 (Lot 1047D)End Unit221,425$343,196
The Legacy 2 (Lot 1048A)End Unit221,427MODEL
The Union 2 (Lot 1048B)Inside Unit221,225$295,866
The Union 1 (Lot 1048C)End Unit221,235SOLD


The Canyon (Lot 191A)End Unit33.51,528$319,160
The Heritage 1 (Lot 191B)Inside Unit33.51,423$295,788
The Heritage 2 (Lot 191C)Inside Unit33.51,423$295,505
The Heritage 1 (Lot 191D)Inside Unit33.51,423$296,321
The Heritage 2 (Lot 191E)Inside Unit33.51,423$296,347
The Heritage 1 (Lot 191F)Inside Unit33.51,423$295,866
The Canyon (Lot 191G)Corner Unit33.51,528MODEL


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Announcing The Trail Series in Callahan Estates,
Brand New Attached Bungalows & Townhomes
built to the highest industry standards, and still affordable.

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Article :

The Trail Series by Campanale Homes
Affordable quality living, energy efficient homes

by Zoe Garlick

Welcome to the Town of Arnprior, the hidden gem of Southern Ontario in the County of Renfrew. In Arnprior, you will find quaint country living in the peace and beauty of a small town. In Arnprior, you will find the best place to live, work and play. You will find an affordable place to settle your family, where the hustle and bustle of downtown living will be nothing but a distant memory. And now, in Arnprior, you will find Campanale Homes’ latest release: the Trail Series of affordable, contemporary homes, located in the community of Callahan Estates.

From the same trusted builders who have brought exceptional value and traditional craftsmanship to homes across the National Capital Region for nearly 40 years, Campanale Homes is proud to introduce the brand new release known as the Trail Series. Comprised of attached bungalows and townhomes, this newest phase of well-appointed homes are bound to meet each and every homebuyers’ needs.

Located less than 30 minutes outside of Ottawa, the town of Arnprior is known for its charm and leisurely way of life. Whether you are looking to settle down with your new family or retire in rural bliss, Arnprior is the perfect spot for you. And residents know that this community, located where the two rivers, Madawaska and the Ottawa, meet, is now a better place to live than ever. Having recently completed a two-year, multi-million dollar revitalization project of downtown, life in Arnprior boasts the perfect mix of modern amenities and old-fashioned charm.

The Trail Series in the Town of Arnprior has the perfect home for you at prices that cannot be ignored. Imagine living in your dream home, a brand new two to three bedroom townhome, starting at just $261,300! Or picture a brand new two bedroom, two bath attached bungalow from only $282,860! Choose from a variety of floorplans, all designed for your style and comfort.

“Many buyers on their search to purchase a new home have been discouraged by the lack of supply and steadily increasing purchase prices for attached homes in the Ottawa Region,” says Santana Campanale, Director of Sales. “We have launched the Trail Series to the Arnprior market to suit the needs of those buyers looking for a home built with tremendous value at an affordable price point.”

And with the Trail Series, extras come standard. Like a townhome with extra-large driveways that can fit two cars outside and one in the garage. And homes that are 10% above the building code as well as energy efficient meaning that you will save on your monthly utility bill while reducing your environmental foot print.

“It is also important to note that as lending regulations tighten, some buyers have lost purchasing power as they have been slotted into a lower price point and, as a result, have had to sacrifice on their preferred size of home, bedrooms and so forth,” continues Santana Campanale. “This is one of the main reasons we released the Trail Series as it is made to suit all types of buyers in terms of size, design and location.”

The Trail Series is currently under construction with occupancy starting in the Fall of 2018. Availability is limited so be sure to jump on the chance to make one of these stellar homes yours before it is too late.  Also available in very limited release, the Visionary Series of move-in-ready single bungalows. Only seven units remain in this series that boasts a choice of gorgeous walk-outs or look-out lots, starting at just $339,900. 

It is time to invest in quality with the standard of a Campanale home. It is time to invest in your home and save your money. No longer must you sacrifice quality for price. The affordability of a Campanale home, combined with their signature style, design and reputation, means that you can invest confidently knowing that Campanale is your key to quality.



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