Our Customers Should Have the Final Say…

We’re proud of the fact that many of our customers bought their first home with us over twenty years ago. When they were ready to move-up, or to downsize, they once again turned to Campanale: a trusted relationship with quality they can count on.

Here’s what some of our many satisfied clients have had to say.

Dear Santana,

I wanted to write this letter and review to formally present my gratitude for the services I received from the Campanale group.

The Campanale family has helped me immensely throughout this entire process, in terms of the services I received. I was greatly helped in every step of the way in the purchasing process. Prior to being introduced to the Campanale family, I had met with over 8 different builders. I can confidently state none of them compared to your staff in terms of the services, accommodation and assistance I received. I believe this is precisely why Campanale has a reputation in the real estate industry not only for the services it provides, but also for the properties it sells. The property I purchased is exceptional from every standpoint, including in its prestige, design and quality. After successfully completing this process, I feel strongly in stating that not only have I have gained a new set of potential advisors. but also a new group of friends. Santana, I highly value your reliable expertise.

Although everyone was helpful, I want to especially thank Cathy for her help and patience. She was incredibly generous with her time and answered all my questions very quickly and with kindness. It’s been a pleasure. 

Thank you Campanale!

– Rosie


Hello Tony and Vince!

This is to recognize the welcoming warm smile of Cathy, the first time I met her at the sales center. She welcomed me and made me feel right at home. Extremely helpful, wonderful chats and her hugs are amazing.

Second time I went back, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful Maya! Super friendly and welcoming!!

Another big credit goes to Maureen Demers for her professionalism and efficiency during the pharmacy project. Maureen, we are blown away with your detailed emails and thank you for your patience and understanding in helping us complete the project.

Along the way, Santana has been amazing providing prompt responses for any queries. And of course the tight hugs.

Oh and Mike, has always greeted us with such a warm smile and so helpful! Thank you!!!

I look forward to many more hugs and meaningful chats with you guys. Now that you all are much closer with sales center just few steps away, please feel free to drop by anytime at the pharmacy. I plan to be there every single day, opening 6th March. The first week will open with limited hours 9-5 pm but following week will roll into extended hours. Please don’t hesitate if I can help with anything. Can’t wait to start with so many of you positive energies around me! The Station will be a happening place. It already is!

I’m enthused to be a part of this family!

An amazing builder we attest to the quality and service it provides and the people you have are where the magic lies.

Thank you all for bringing this project to life. And for the great article in the Ottawa Citizen.

Don’t forget to check Longfields Pharmacy website: longfieldspharmacy.ca

– Preet Sidhu, BSc/RPh/CDE

“As you know, my wife and I recently bought a Junction Home with Campanale Homes in the Longfields / Barrhaven Area. I would like to briefly show you my gratitude for everything you and your incredible staff did to make our home buying experience as painless, quick, and as fun as possible. Your staff at Campanale are spot-on with everything. From greeting us the moment we walked into the sales office, to choosing the correct home type, and everything in-between. The experience was better than imaginable. Your team, again, made our dreams come true and we LOVE our new home. I cannot imagine turning to anyone else in the future for a home-buying experience; Campanale Homes, as a group, will definitely be our number one choice and recommendation to everyone we know looking for a new home. As I have stated, I really am impressed with the prompt, friendly, helpful, and overall incredible service we received from Campanale Homes. To describe Campanale Homes using three words, I would say “Professional”, “Friendly”, “Trustful” Group and staff.”
Once again, thank you for everything!
– Sinan & Dalia
We recently took possession of our new Milano B with Loft 2 in Riverwood Estates, Arnprior. It seems appropriate that we provide some feed-back to the Campanale organization about our experiences to date. Among other things, we were elated to see that the Ottawa Homebuilders awarded the first place award for this Milano model (under 2000 sq ft category). By selecting this as our new home, it had already been classified in our mind as a “winning design”! Moving into our new home and appreciating its features as we begin to “live” in the spaces, simply confirms for us that we made the right choice. If anything, it even exceeded our expectations. The initial construction has been excellent and the follow-up service has been exemplary. The various contact points starting with Joe (site super), and Arpad (construction manager) and most recently Jake (service manager), including the representatives of the various sub-trades, has simply served to demonstrate the number of good “ambassadors” Campanale has from the service side of the organization. We have proudly shown many of our friends through our new home and have consistently commented to all of them how pleased we are with the design, construction and service, and have encouraged some who may themselves be in the market for a new home, to be sure to visit the sales site and models here in Riverwood Estates. It has been a continuous pleasure to be able to converse with Vince before, during and after the sale. Thanks to everyone involved in our purchase.
– Mona and Ron, Riverwood Estates

“I am really impressed with the way you have responded to my request for inspection of my house personally for the first 30 days inspection. Your visit has further cemented my trust in Campanale Homes. As one of the new home owners of Campanale Homes, I again thank you for your personal attention and hope to receive the same service in future.”
– Sultan A., Highbury Park, Phase IV
“You should be aware, that I and my wife are VERY happy with the home we purchased in Highbury Park. The customer service is beyond exemplary. Needless to say, I am very impressed. We are both quite happy to express our sincere satisfaction at not only our home, but the level of post sales and service. It’s too bad that more organizations in the service industry don’t know how to gain and keep good customers. “
– Phil & Trish, Highbury Park, Phase V

“I would like to mention that we are very pleased with the workmanship on the house in general and with the service we have received so far.”

– Steve Y., Highbury Park, Phase II

“We thank you not only for your recent effort, but for attention given to other issues in the past. We also commend Campanale Homes for providing a high quality of after sales support.”
– Allan N., Carson Village
“Great design and layout, ideal for active families. House was finished on time. After Sales service work was completed in a very professional manner.”
– R. Lee, Highbury Park, Phase II

“We would like to thank all the members who have contributed to making our new home a pleasure to move in to. The great effort and quality work of your team and construction crew, allowed us to move into our new home on schedule and without any problems. It’s a great home and we wanted all of your team to know that we truly appreciate all of their hard work and effort.”

– Mark & Susan, Longfields

“Everyone at Campanale has been more than helpful and as first time buyers the experience has been rewarding & enjoyable”
– Zubin & Andrea, Highbury Park, Phase IV
“Campanale Homes have always responded quickly and courteously to any concerns or questions that we had regarding our new home. Problems were promptly repaired and the service was always friendly. We would Highly recommend Campanale Homes!
– D. & E. B., Highbury Park, Phase IV


Campanale was launched 37 years ago by founders and brothers - Rocco, Tony and Vince. From the outset our company was driven by a shared vision and desire to bring exceptional value and traditional craftsmanship to homes of varying sizes and styles.

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